Trekking in the Dhauladhars…

" Consider this an advanced level course in hiking on snow fields, Hashmita. What we did until now was mostly basic, says Sanju. Surely, he must be kidding i mutter to myself. Before me is an icy-slushy-slope almost at a 75 degrees incline, the main concern here being i can't see its top. Errrr what if… Continue reading Trekking in the Dhauladhars…

My very first Lovely Blog Award

Woot woot!! Such a pleasant surprise =) First of all i'd like to thank RhapsodyBoheme  for nominating me for the "One Lovely Blog Award".  Its an absolute delight to read her encounters with furry little critters in the wild. Being happiest when amidst nature, is a sentiment we share in common. If you do so too,… Continue reading My very first Lovely Blog Award

10 things a beginner should know about the art of trekking!!!

The fact that you're reading this post, chances are high that you too have an immense love for nature and can't wait to explore it . But exploring the wild comes with a responsibility towards yourself and towards mother nature. Which is why i've put together a checklist of concerns based on my first time… Continue reading 10 things a beginner should know about the art of trekking!!!

Love for all things handcrafted🌸

And my style story continues to profess moi love for traditional handicrafts .Here's to hoping that you fall in love with it too....Cheers😊 Day 4 : Culottes in Kutchwork I once caught a glimpse of a ghagri(skirt) in vibrant kutchwork in my mum-in-law's armoire' . Later on it had been re-structured to blend in with… Continue reading Love for all things handcrafted🌸